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Venus & Apoll
Thread lifting

Natural lifting without the use of a scalpel

To firm cheeks, jawline, neck and upper arms

Natural, non-surgical lifting without general anesthesia and downtimes

Our focus at Venus & Apoll is on gentle, aesthetic treatments to tighten sagging skin. Thread lifting is one such method; it holds out the promise of a refreshed and more youthful look that is sure to enhance your overall well-being!

Perhaps you have already considered a lifting, or other skin tightening treatment, but haven’t followed through for fear of having to undergo a surgical procedure along with the risks and high costs that this entails. Many also worry about undesirable changes to their natural facial structure. Soft Lifting with threads is a gentle scalpel-free alternative to the standard face lift.

The treads are made of polydioxanone (PDO), a biologically-compatible substance that is also used in surgical suture threads. This substance biodegrades and is fully absorbed into the body.

In contrast to standard surgical facelifts where the tissue is pulled into a new position, Soft Lifting with threads is about reestablishing the production of collagen. Thread lifting stimulates the synthesis of endogenous collagen which provides the “scaffolding” for the face. Your natural facial expression is preserved.

Tread lift procedure

By means of a fine needle the invisible treads, which are completely absorbed by the body, are placed subcutaneously and stimulate the production of collagen. After 6 – 8 weeks, the treated area will be noticeably less saggy thanks to the tensile stress exerted by the threads. The lifting – or re-suspending – effect smoothes wrinkles and rejuvenates the silhouette of your face and neck. Within 180 – 240 days, the treads will have been completely absorbed. The results, on the other hand, will last 1 – 2 years.

Since this procedure is minimally invasive it causes very little discomfort. Side effects such as a bit of swelling and bruising can occur but tend not to be problematic. Covered with makeup, these effects will hardly be noticeable the next day and will subside completely within a short period of time.

Minimally invasive and long-lasting

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Prices - Thread lifting

Thread lifting
  • From 99,00 €

Tread lifting areas of application

  • Restores firmness to the cheeks and jaw area

  • Restores firmness to the neck and décolletage

  • Restores firmness to the upper arms

  • Restores firmness to the thighs and buttocks

Used in combination with other anti-aging treatments

The thread lifting technique to treat little creases and sagging facial tissue can be easily combined with other skin firming and rejuvenation methods. A good co-treatment option is wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid or the anti-aging mesolift (mesotherapy). Here too, we use exclusively natural substances that can be broken down by the body.

In qualifizierten Händen

The thread lift at Venus & Apoll, like the hyaluron wrinkle injections and the Botox treatment, is carried out by a specialist in invasive anti-aging therapies who has been working for many years.

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