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Anti-Cellulite & Fat Burner
with Radiofrequency therapy

Radio frequency therapy against cellulite and as a fat burner

When fighting the small quirks of their own figure, more and more people rely on gentle methods. Especially in the treatment of cellulite and the reduction of unwanted fat deposits, modern precision therapy is increasingly gaining ground over invasive procedures. Radiofrequency therapy combines several advantages at the same time.

Causes of cellulite

In order to understand how radio frequency therapy helps fight cellulite, we must first understand the physiological causes of cellulite. Ultimately, cellulite consists of fat cells that are no longer held together by the connective tissue network, migrate outwards and then become visible as unloved dents, especially on the abdomen, upper arms, thighs and buttocks. These are exacerbated by the accumulation of lymph fluids

Female connective tissue clearly at a disadvantage

Unfortunately, the development of cellulite is particularly dependent on genetics and unilaterally disadvantages women. While the male connective tissue has a net-like structure, the connective tissue fibers of women are more parallel, which makes it easier for the fat cells to “migrate through” and accumulate in the subcutaneous fat tissue. Sport, healthy nutrition and weight control can definitely have a positive effect on the formation of cellulite, but are limited by two limiting factors: Genetic predisposition and aging processes

Genetic predisposition and aging processes

Unfortunately, it is a sad truth that even the healthiest lifestyle cannot prevent the development of cellulite. On the one hand, the specific manifestation of cellulite is largely dependent on the individual genetic heritage. On the other hand, the connective tissue becomes weaker with age, which further promotes the formation of cellulite. And this is where radiofrequency therapy can be of great use in combating cellulite, thanks to its special mode of action.

The combination of radiofrequency therapy and endermologie

At Venus & Apoll we use a combined endermological and radio frequency therapy to tackle cellulite both at the symptomatic level and at the root level.

The electromagnetic waves of the radio frequencies heat up the subcutaneous tissue, which stimulates the regeneration of the connective tissue fibers. The increased formation of collagen benefits the strengthening of the connective tissue and is thus causally directed against cellulite. In addition, the heating of the subcutaneous cells causes an immediate tightening effect, which immediately visibly rejuvenates the skin.

On the symptomatic level, however, the endermological treatment head of the radio frequency system used has a particularly strong effect. With an individually adjustable suction power and two mechanical rollers, the tissue is deeply mobilized in the course of the treatment, which causes the local lymphatic drainage. As a result, the extent of cellulite is effectively reduced.

The affected parts of the body are firmer overall, and the connective tissue is strengthened over the long term.

Radiofrequency therapy treatment zones

In principle, this therapy can be used on all typical cellulite zones, such as

  • Upper arms

  • Tigh

  • Belly

  • Butt

Very good results can also be achieved with stretch marks.

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Frequency of use

As a rule, 4-6 treatments should be carried out at intervals of one to four weeks in order to achieve a satisfactory result. The treatment does not result in any limitations in everyday ability. Apart from temporary, local reddening of the skin, no side effects are to be expected.

Course of treatment

After a detailed explanation and consultation, we determine your individual goals and the necessary therapy steps together. In this context, we are happy to answer all your questions. A therapy session lasts around 30 minutes. At Venus & Apoll, a high-performance radio frequency system of the latest generation with endermological treatment heads is used. Of course, all employees at Venus & Apoll are NISV-certified. As a rule, the success of the treatment should be visible for at least 12-16 months.

Prices - Body Fatburner

Radiofrequency therapy
  • per area 99€ €

Radio frequency therapy as a fat burner

The same mechanisms of action that help with anti-cellulite therapy can also be used as a fat burner and for body contouring. Here, of course, the use is also interesting for men who want to improve their silhouette and want to make small love handles disappear quickly.

Because despite weight loss or normal weight, body contouring is not always satisfactory. Especially after pregnancy or after the age of 30, small fat deposits often remain in addition to sagging skin.

Radiofrequency therapy is particularly well suited to tackle this in the truest sense of the word. If this is combined with a massaging movement, water can be mobilized and drained from the body at the same time. This improves the firmness and silhouette of your body in the long term and thus also strengthens your self-confidence radio frequency therapy is therefore often used as a booster for the bikini figure or as a date saver for a special occasion.

Radio frequency therapy in Berlin -how it works

Radiofrequency therapy uses high-frequency devices that use focused electromagnetic waves to affect tissue. In doing so, they generate heat of at least 42° C, which affects the collagen fibers and leads to the breaking of hydrogen bonds. This process causes a strong stimulation and compression of collagen formation, which tightens and rejuvenates the complexion. The effect occurs in the dermis between the upper and lower skin. The surface of the skin itself is not damaged in any way. The radio frequency therapy causes an immediate tightening effect on the skin, which is due to the heat-related shrinkage of the collagen fibers.

A major advantage of radiofrequency therapy is that it is gentle and painless. The method can therefore be used several times without problems. You can go about your work and leisure time as usual after the treatment. Above all, the application impresses with its efficiency and long-lasting results.

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