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permanent Make-up

Medical indications for permanent makeup

There are many health indications from which the need or necessity for medical permanent make-up arises. The most common are scars resulting from accidents or therapeutic interventions that alter existing body contours, but there are also congenital cosmetic problems.

This can be the case, for example

  • in the case of damaged lip contours, for example as a result of accidents or due to a congenital cleft jaw and palate

  • if, as a result of breast surgery, the nipple is only partially present or no longer exists at all

  • if, for example, part of the eyebrow is missing

A problem is solved

Such parts, which the patient usually perceives as a flaw, can also awaken memories of the accidents and illnesses that caused them and make everyday life difficult. Whereby it increases the level of suffering even more when parts of the body that create identity are affected, such as the face and hands.

In most of these cases, medical permanent make-up with Long-Time-Liner® can help and make these marks a thing of the past. Using the pigmentation technique, we bring the relevant area as close as possible to the natural or desired appearance. You can rely on our high qualifications and look forward to noticeable emotional relief as a result of medical pigmentation.

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The technique of Long-Time-Liner® permanent make-up –lamination and natural look

In all of the cases mentioned, the permanent make-up technique with Long-Time-Liner® helps to conceal the affected areas and, through the combination of colors and shading techniques, to visually adjust the problem areas to the normal state.

In the case of missing hair, e.g. in the eyebrow or on the head, the relevant section is drawn and shaded hair by hair (“line technique”). As a result, the pigmented area looks naturally structured and can hardly be distinguished from real hair.


Eyebrows only get their natural width, but at the same time a perfect contour

Pigmentation of the cleft palate

The nipple pigmentation

The nipple pigmentation

Having a beautiful breast is important for most women. However, the nipples do not always have a perfect and/or symmetrical shape. Matching the nipples with a so-called nipple pigmentation is therefore a frequently encountered wish.

However, nipple pigmentation is also used in the postoperative area. Such as as a result of reconstructive breast surgeries. Because even a good surgical reconstruction of the breast cannot replace a nipple. Medical permanent make-up also comes into play here, which allows a new drawing that harmonises with the existing or former nipple and gives new self-confidence.

Pigmentation of the cleft palate

The remains of a congenital cleft palate can also be almost completely retouched with the help of medical permanent make-up without an operation, which is always a great relief for those affected.

Medical permanent make-up at Venus & Apoll

Even more than with other forms of permanent make-up, the high quality is decisive for medical permanent make-up with Long-Time-Liner® in order to do justice to the underlying psychological strain. The requirements for these drawings are therefore often difficult. From this arises for us in the Berlin cosmetics studio for medical permanent make-up the claim to only use the best equipment and the excellent colors of Long-Time-Liner®. Added to this is the professional training and many years of expertise of our make-up artist, who works with the highest license as an “elite top linergist”. In combination with our extensive experience in this sensitive subject, we can help you to achieve a result that will satisfy you.

Specialization for your well-being

Medical permanent make-up with Long-Time-Liner® in Berlin is one of our specific areas of expertise. To this end, we have completed a series of training courses and acquired special skills, thanks to which we can master the special challenges in this area.

In a thorough consultation, you can entrust us with your wishes and ideas and we will decide together how we can achieve your goals. A carefully executed medical Long-Time-Liner® permanent make-up not only helps to compensate for a cosmetic flaw, but also strengthens one’s own self-confidence and thus means emotional relief.

Prices - Long-Time-Liner® medical Make-up

Medicinal pigmentations
  • e.g. concealing scars, mamilla pigmentation, 30 minutes 159€ €

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