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Venus & Apoll
Permanent Make-up

Permanent Make-up by Long-Time-Liner®

Long-Time-Liner® Permanent Make-up in a Elite-Top Partner-Studio 

For over 30 years now, we have been a licensed partner of Long-Time-Liner® and a member of the “Elite Linergists” team. The long and very comprehensive training, the excellent quality of the colors and the technical instruments used differentiate Long-Time-Liner’s Permanent Make-up from conventional permanent make-ups.

Good permanent make-up

How can you recognize superior Long-Time-Liner® permanent make-up and the corresponding cosmetic studio? A studio that you would entrust with a decision of this dimension? And with such potentially far-reaching consequences ? This is what you need to look out for:

  • The training

  • The technology used

  • The color pigments used

  • The routine, the aesthetic sensitivity, the dexterity and the artistic talent of the PMU artist.

From 159€

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Long-Time-Liner® permanent Make-up

Medical Permanent Make-up

Correction of Permanent Make-up

Prices - Permanent Make-up

Permanent Make-up
  • Eyebrow Contouring 490,00 €
  • Retouching up to 1 year 259,00 €
  • Retouching bis 2 Jahre 360,00 €
  • Retouching bis 3 Jahre 460€ €
Eyelid Line
  • Lashline filling upper lid 339,00 €
  • Additional Expanding 158,00 €
  • Lashline filling lower lid 339,00 €
  • Retouching up to 1 year 189,00 €
  • Retouching up to 2 years 219,00 €
  • Retouching up to 3 years 289,00 €
  • Full-lip shading 590,00 €
  • Retouching up to 1 year 299,00 €
  • Retouching up to 2 years 399,00 €
  • Retouching up to 3 years 499,00 €
  • Lipligth surcharge 158,00 €
Medical Make-up
Medicinal pigmentations
  • e.g. concealing scars, mamilla pigmentation, 30 minutes 159€ €
Correction of permanent make-up
Correction of permanent make-up
  • 30 minutes from 159€ €

Happy customers are our motivation

In the past few years, we have made many customers happy and satisfied with Long-Time-Liner® Permanent Make-up. That is why we are convinced that we will also inspire you with our work. It is best to take a moment and find out about this special form of permanent make-up with Long-Time-Liner®. You will soon find out that you can expect the highest quality treatment from Venus & Apoll.

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