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The proven lifting method

As soon as we notice that our skin is developing wrinkles, the connective tissue is slackening, or facial skin is becomingpaler, care treatments alone are often no longer sufficient to give the skin that firmer, firmer skin structure that makes it look fresher and younger again.Depending on age, skin type and personal treatment goals, various forms of therapy are possible. In the field of anti-aging treatments, we offer a range of different, highly effective and targeted techniques below the medically invasive threshold.In this environment, mesotherapy has proven to be an indispensable component, as it delivers excellent results on the one hand and has extremely few side effects on the other. At Venus & Apoll we carry out the mesotherapy with a variably adjustable microneedling system.

How mesotherapy works

The principle of treatment is as simple as it is effective: the fineneedles of the microneedling pen penetrate the top layer of skin -the dermis -simulating an injury. In response, the body releases more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. An ideal combination, because while the collagen strengthens the connective tissue, the elastin ensures good elasticity and the hyaluronic acid stores moisture in the skin.

The skin is noticeably plumped up, small wrinkles disappear or are smoothed out. The skin feels firmer and more grippy overall. We also stimulate this process during the treatment by simultaneously adding an active ingredient. There are choices

  • Collagen

  • Hyaluronic Acid.

We will be happy to advise you in detail on the selection of the optimal mesotherapy for you.

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Where can mesotherapy with microneedling pen be used?

In principle, lifting with the microneedling pen can be used for the entire face and neck area. We achieve with it

  • firmer tissue (face, neck, décolleté)
  • tighter contours (chin/neck area)
  • Reduction of frown and nasolabial folds
  • Reduction of bags under the eyes and hanging eyelids
  • Promotion of hair growth and strengthening of the hair roots (receding hairline and hair loss) in men and women
  • the treatment of healed acne scars, scars, burn scars
  • the treatment of pregnancy and/or stretch marks.


  • with !QMS med. collagen 119,00 €

 Treatment with an electronic microneedling system offers a number of advantages, especially compared to mesotherapy with a roller:

  • Because the needles enter and exit the skin at different angles with a mechanical roller, larger tears or even bleeding occur, which requires a longer recovery period after the treatment.
  • Due to the construction, the roller also does not succeed in treating smaller,harder-to-reach areas such as the eyes and lips.
  • In contrast, the construction of the microneedling pen allows not only small areas to be treated very well. Rather, the vertically adjusted, automated up and down movement of the pincushion creates a uniform puncture pattern without tears.
  • Another advantage is the individually adjustable penetration depth of the needle. This is particularly important because not all skin areas have the same skin thickness. It is much thicker in the cheek area than, for example, in the forehead area, which requires a different setting of the needle length to achieve an effective result.
  • In addition, the microneedling pen can be applied in circular movements as well as selectively, which means that the treatment can be adapted even more flexibly to the respective area.
  • Due to its exchangeable disposable treatment heads, treatment with the microneedling pen also offers maximum hygiene.

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