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MBR Treatments

MBR Medical Beauty Research – MBR skin care moves on the border between medicine and starts where normal skin care ends.
MBR is the result of intensive cosmetic research with a focus on anti-aging and problem solving in skin care.
The products are developed in collaboration with scientists from the fields of plastic surgery, toxicology, microbiology, dermatology, biochemistry and microbiology.
This specialization brings the products to the border of medicine in their effect and makes MBR so special.

Line B

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MBR CytoLine

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MBR Additional Treatments

Classical MBR anti-aging treatment

The most important component of the MBR Skin Formula at Venus & Apoll is a synergetic combination of highly effective ingredients developed by MBR, which is unique and highly effective in this form.

The treatments based on this begin with the removal of dead, horny skin cells using a gentle enzyme peeling. This opens the skin for the absorption of active ingredients. Then the highly effective active ingredients are gently worked in, which have a high level of purity. They ensure the removal of skin impurities and the infiltration of the active ingredients. The result is immediately visible! Wrinkles are padded out, tissue tears are “puttyed” again and cell renewal is stimulated through the formation of your own collagen. The !MBR Anti-Aging Treatment is a caring and nourishing facial treatment that revitalizes poorly functioning skin. Convincing results and the reactions of our customers reassure us again and again that this treatment is one of the most effective facial treatments you can get.

This treatment is particularly good for correcting the signs of premature aging and other skin defects. Of course also especially suitable for mature skin.

MBR Cyto Line

This new exclusive treatment from Venus & Apoll is used to promote tissue development for mature skin. In return, the growth of the collagen 3 fibers in the skin is massively stimulated. It causes a targeted strengthening and regeneration of the skin, especially in the areas where the skin loses elasticity due to the aging process. The internal tightening of the skin tissue obtained in this way causes a firmer, saturated skin structure, while at the same time protecting it from harmful environmental influences.

Particularly suitable for dull and slack, mature skin.

MBR Cyto Line – Duration: 90min

MBR Bio Change Treatment

These innovative facial treatment stimulates cell renewal on a deeper level than was previously possible. With the development of the latest cosmetic research in the field of anti-aging care, a highly effective cosmetic product based on these mechanisms of action has now been made available to the market for the first time.

Our treatment with MBR Bio Change products effectively reduces lines and wrinkles and also prevents new ones from forming. It increases the regeneration process and stimulates the development of new skin cells, while improving the skin’s metabolism at the same time. It provides intensive moisture, increases elastin production, firms the face, reduces pigment spots and thus prolongs the skin’s youthful radiance. This treatment will convince you too!

MBR bio change treatment – Duration: 90min

MBR Activator Treatment

This refreshing moisturizing treatment will re-energize your skin while providing it with active ingredients and nutrients. Your skin is revived in the truest sense of the word. This achieves optimal smoothing and tightening of the tissue. Your face will shine with youthful freshness again. A perfect alternative to do something good for your skin.

This treatment is particularly well-suited for dehydrated and stressed skin. For women and men of all ages.

MBR activator treatment – Duration: 90min


!QMS Additional Treatments

(can also be booked individually)

!QMS Neck-Décolleté – 60 min

Treat your neck and décolleté to a special care and regeneration treatment for lasting tightening of these exposed skin areas. In addition to a gentle enzyme peeling and an active ingredient extract, an anti-aging mask is used here in particular. In addition, we pamper your neck and décolleté with a gentle massage.

!QMS Eye Lift – 20 min

If you want to look attractive and radiant in no time, but the eye area is strained by stress or lack of sleep, treat yourself! MBR eye lift. The skin around the eyes is revitalized using high concentrations of skin-smoothing and moisturizing active ingredients. At the same time, the skin is protected and sensitivity is reduced. The result is an immediate tightening effect that lets you shine again.

An effective treatment method, with immediate effect.

A quick and effective treatment method for immediate results.


Prices - Facial treatments Line B

Exclusive Medicosmetics
  • !QMS Acne Treatment 88,00 €
  • !QMS Sensitive 88,00 €
  • !QMS Anti-Aging 122,00 €
  • !QMS Cellular Marine 185,00 €

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