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Correction of Permanent Make-up in Berlin

The advantages of permanent make-up

A good permanent make-up with Long-Time-Liner® is fun. Even the time you save in the morning lifts your spirits and you already look neat and well-groomed when you get up. The lip contours, the always perfect eyebrows and especially the precise eyeliner make looking in the mirror a pleasure. Daily planning is also simplified because tricky care situations are now a thing of the past: no smudging or smearing when eating, drinking, swimming, in the sauna… Thereare no crooked strokes or hasty touch-ups when time is short. A good Long-Time-Liner® permanent make-up gives you self-confidence because it emphasizes your natural assets in an ideal way.

The basics for perfect permanent make-up

For an aesthetically successful permanent make-up with Long-Time-Liner®, several factors must interlock. Intensive training, high-quality products and reliable technologies are equally essential. In addition, the permanent make-up artist must have a natural aesthetic feeling, which in turn can only be achieved through many years of practice and high-precision instruments in order to be able to implement the desired result manually.

But it must also be said at this point: Such a combination of skill, material, artistic ability and technology comes at a price. Where this very demanding service is offered at competitive prices, these requirements can of course not be met and dissatisfaction is inevitable.

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Consequences of a recorded permanent make-up

A failed permanent make-up often has psychological and emotional consequences, because the result is literally written all over your face. Our face represents us in front of others and in front of ourselves, which is why a distorted face cuts deeply into our self-image. Those affected are confronted with the undesirable result every time they look in the mirror and sometimes develop a high level of psychological strain, which in individual cases can lead to social withdrawal.

If it went wrong...

Where these basics are not available, the result for those affected is often serious: wrong, pale or blurred colors, crooked or too thick lines -the list of possible faulty pigmentations is long. It is not uncommon for disappointed customers to reach us with blue instead of black eyeliner, unnatural contours or completely unsuitable colors. The lip contours in particular are a big, and often too big, challenge without the necessary technical tools.

Other annoyances can be gaps in pigmentation, incorrect markings or loss of color are also not uncommon. We often see eyebrows that consist of a single broad line.

In other cases, the permanent make-up does not match your own ideas or the type. Because permanent make-up must not only be created individually according to the wishes and ideas of the customer, but also while maintaining the basic physiognomic contours of the face. A good Long-Time-Liner® permanent make-up is always unique, just like every person is unique.

We can help!

Due to our extensive training and more than two decades of experience as an elite top linergist and license partner of Long-Time-Liner®, we can save almost any permanent make-up or, where this is not completely possible, at least rework it in such a way that the suffering noticeably taken from you

Prices - Correction of Permanent Make-up

Correction of Permanent Make-up
  • 30 minutes 159€ €

Your goal is our goal

During a visit, we will explain to you exactly the possibilities and the procedure for correcting your permanent make-up. We are aware that after your last experience you associate permanent make-up with great worries. But with us you are in good hands. We are happy to answer all questions and discuss together how to proceed. In most cases, corrective permanent make-up requires several appointments and a slightly larger budget than a first permanent make-up. This is mainly due to the fact that, in addition to the individual facial features, the contours to be concealed must also be taken into account.

Line by line to the desired result 

But you won’t regret the extra effort. With the Long-Time-Liner® method and my years of routine, we will come as close as possible to your original desires for permanent make-up.

This begins with the preliminary drawing, because permanent make-up cannot be better than the drawing on which it is based, which is at least as demanding as the pigmentation itself. Because here the attention to detail of the drawing and alsothe accuracy of fit to your individual facial features are decisive. The line technique is also of great importance, as it enables the depiction of individual hairs and thus a natural appearance.

The highest certification

As an elite top linergist, I have achieved the highest certification level due to many years of work and regular training. For more than 2 decades we have been working as a license partner with Long-Time-Liner®, the industry leader for permanent make-ups, with a worldwide reputation. Long-Time-Liner® guarantees long, thorough training, regular training, knowledge of the latest trends, use of the highest quality paints and the highest reliability of the machines used.

Let’s achieve the best version of yourself together.

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