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Venus & Apoll
Medical feet care

In addition to offering pedicures and toenail modeling, the program at Venus & Apoll also includes medical feet care.

Medical Indications

Age-related foot problems are very common and cannot be properly remedied with a conventional pedicure alone. Among the foot problems that we can treat as part of our medical foot care program are the following conditions:

  • Calluses  (hyperkeratorasis)

  • Painful corns (clavi)

  • Athlete’s foot and nail fungus

  • Infected toe nails

  • Foot perspiration and foot odor

Ingrown toenails

Our medical foot care program can relieve a very common problem that is at the root of a lot of suffering – ingrown toenails.

In most cases, competent treatment can quickly relieve this condition. After a preliminary examination, excessive tissue is removed and the nail is shortened and filed into shaped.

Medical competence

We have the necessary skills to competently treat customers with special feetcare needs, whether they are diabetic, afflicted with angiopathy or require blood thinners.

For us, this is as much a part of our medical foot care program as is our strict adherence to hygiene codes in treating customers and handling equipment and instruments.

Nail replacement

Should the need arise it is possible to replace parts of a nail or an entire nail. This may be the case, for example, when a nail replacement must bridge the time needed for a missing nail to re-grow.

A full or partial nail replacement can be shaped out of a special nail compo. The final result cannot be differentiated from a natural nail. After a professional modeling by one of our technicians, you can even wear sandals or go to the swimming pool or sauna.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in medical feetcare.

You will be in very good hands at Venus & Apoll.

Prices - Medical foot care

  • Medical foot care 55,00 €
  • painting nails from 12,00 €
  • Nail replacement from 29,00 €

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