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Facial treatments
Line C

Special Treatments

These skin care lines, which were developed by us over the decades and address customers with acne or very sensitive or stressed skin, feature products by Dr. Schrammek products as well as with the active ingredients by MBR. We devise customized facial treatments for your needs.

Line C

Acne Clearing & Sensitive Care



Acne Clearing

Easily inflamed, acne-prone skin is treated with compounds that rid the skin of impurities, reduce inflammation and restore its basic functions. Time and again over the course of our long years of experience, customers have told us that cosmetic acne treatment is often more effective and gentler than treatments based purely on drugs. Moreover, the used cosmetic remedies preserve the structure of the skin thus enabling it to regenerate more quickly. Even severe acne responds effectively to cosmetic treatment – and this holds true even for areas that don’t respond properly to standard acne medications.

Our acne treatment involves several perfectly dovetailed steps for best results.

Sensitive Care

Certain skin types react more sensitively to the various environmental influences. Dry indoor air from radiators, pollution and stress are some of the factors that cause skin reactions. Our goal is to increase the skin’s ability to weather these daily onslaughts by reducing its sensitivity. At the same time, we only use products that don’t provoke the skin in any way. You have the choice between two extraordinarily high-grade treatment lines.

We will gladly consult with you regarding the treatment method that best suits your particular skin type.

Prices - Facial treatments Line C

Special Treatments
  • Hydra Reinigung zur Behandlung 25,00 €
  • Sauerstoff Treatment zur Behandlung 19,00 €
  • Hochfrequenz Therapie bei Herpes, Akne oder Rosacea 15,00 €
  • Hals Decollete Zusatz Behandlung 39,00 €
  • Augen Lifting Zusatzbehandlung 25,00 €

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