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IPL Skin Renew

Skin Renew and age spots

Decreasing elasticity of the skin and uneven pigmentation, resulting from pigment-forming melanocytes, is usually perceived as disturbing. This is especially the case when these pigment spots become too prominent or appear in places where they make the skin area appear inharmonious. In these cases, an IPL Skin Renew treatment can help.

The mode of action and treatment with IPL Skin Renew

In our skin-rejuvenating IPL SR procedure, the irregular pigmentation is heated with an intensively pulsed light, which dissolves the stuck pigments in the skin and stimulates the surrounding tissue to form new collagen. The skin also looks younger and more flawless after the treatment.

A cooling gel on the skin, as well as various highly effective cooling systems on the IPL device, enable the most gentle and painless treatment possible.

We also achieve very good results with the IPL treatment for inflammatory acne, since the bacteria are killed by the pulsed light and the complexion improves over the long term due to the formation of new collagen.

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Chances of success

Even if all forms of pigment spots are characterized by a locally increased production of melanin, they differ in the prospects of permanent elimination.

Age spots or café-au-lait spots respond well to treatment with IPL Skin Renew. Here there is a high probability that the irregular pigmentation will not return.

In the case of other forms of irregular pigmentation, on the other hand, only temporary elimination is realistic. This applies in particular to freckles, but also to those pigment disorders that are intensified by sunlight and are triggered by hormonal changes (pregnancy, birth control pills) or local reactions from cosmetics.

Safety first

Before the IPL Skin Renew treatment, it is essential to see a doctor to ensure that the irregular pigmentation is harmless. Congenital or acquired pigment spots must not be treated with IPL, as they can no longer be examined histologically. Please contact us if you have any further questions about the treatment with IPL Skin Renew. We are experts in the field for many years and would be happy to advise you.

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