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Tinting lashes and eyebrows

4 weeks without...

The daily tinting of the eyelashes, with ink or mascara stick is a tiresome daily routine. At the latest on holiday, possibly still in warm climes, women wish they had opted for the permanent tinting of their eyelashes by professionals.

Because permanently colored eyelashes not only save you the procedure in front of the mirror for about 4 weeks, they also do not run when they come into contact with moisture. Neither rainwater, a swim in the sea nor tears can threaten your look. Because the renewed coloring of permanently colored eyelash hairs is only necessary again in the course of their natural renewal.

With us, your lashes are in professional hands. Our craftsmanship, our experience and our knowledge of choosing the right color will set your eyelashes in the limelight.

Permanent eyebrow coloring

The right tone for every type

The permanent coloring of your eyebrows also lasts up to four weeks. Here, too, it is worth using the safe option with a specialist beautician because of the professional result. We advise you extensively and professionally in choosing the right eyebrow color. We have a wide range of classic and contemporary colors that allow us to reproduce any desired tone for any type.

Also for him

For a number of years now, men have also been enjoying the benefits of permanent eyebrow tinting. This trend is growing more and more, because professionally colored eyebrows rejuvenate the face and give the eye area more dynamic.

What is an eyelash lift?

Most women dream of looking like they’re wearing mascara in the morning without mascara. Eyelash lifting is therefore the perfect option for curved eyelashes, without great expense and time, eyelash lifting is also ideal for contact lens wearers.

With a professional eyelash lift, the eyelash curler is a thing of the past. It is ideal for those who want a natural but perfect swing. The treatment is particularly suitable for women with particularly short or straight eyelashes, or for those who don’t have much time.

How does eyelash lifting work?

The treatment only takes a few steps to achieve the perfect curl of your eyelashes.

The eyelashes and eyes are cleaned first. Then silicone rolls specially selected for your eyelashes are placed on the eyelashes and fixed. Now, similar to a perm, the 2-phase treatment takes place, with the help of which the hairs are shaped within a few minutes. The effect of optically long eyelashes is immediately recognizable. Dyeing the eyelashes is also possible at any time during the treatment. After the treatment you can wash your face and apply make-up as usual. The eyelash lift lasts about four to six weeks and your eyelashes appear longer than before thanks to the perfectly curved swing.

Prices- Tinting eyebrows, lashes & Lifting

  • Eyebrow correction 13,00 €
  • Eyebrow Styling 19,00 €
  • Sugaring eyebrows 15,00 €
  • Tinting eyebrows 12,00 €
Tinting lashes & Lifting
  • Tinting lashes 13,00 €
  • Lash lifting 49,00 €
  • Tinting lashes & Lifting 55,00 €

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