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Hair removal with
needle epilation

Berlin cosmetic studio for needle epilation

Needle epilation in Berlin is a method for permanent hair removal with maximum effectiveness. Since the hair root is completely destroyed with this technique using thermolysis, needle epilation is the technique with the highest success rate of all hair removal methods, regardless of skin and hair color. It is therefore the first choice for particularly stubborn hair growth, such as light chin hair, or gray hair in general. Needle depilation is also undoubtedly the gold standard when it comes to achieving a final solution to beard growth in gender reassignment processes.

Wie funktioniert Nadel-Epilation in Berlin?

With needle epilation, an extremely thin probe is guided along the hair shaft to the hair-forming root. There it is destroyed by a tiny, targeted impulse. This can be an electrical, thermal, or a combination of the two. In the Berlin cosmetics studio for needle epilation, we use a particularly high-quality blend device that offers all three options. Depending on the type of hair, personal sensitivity and the individual treatment situation, this allows us to decide how best to achieve our goal. Since each hair is treated individually during needle epilation, its use in larger areas naturally requires more time than with other methods – however, this technology is unrivaled in its special range of applications.

Advantages of needle epilation in Berlin

Needle epilation is generally considered a technique for irreversible hair removal. Because once the hair roots have become desolate, they can no longer produce new hair and are broken down. The method is suitable for all skin areas of the face and body, apart from mucous membranes.

Vorteile gegenüber anderen Methoden

When it comes to completely removing hair on the face or pubic region caused by hormones, for example, needle epilation offers the greatest security. It also works with combinations of skin and hair color, which are problematic for methods such as IPL or laser technology that are otherwise very successful in Berlin cosmetic studios for needle epilation. This is always the case when the contrast is low, for example with a very dark skin tone or thick but very light hair.

Any slight “tugging” that occurs during the treatment does not have to deter you from a needle epilation. With the help of a careful working method on the one hand and the use of anesthetic creams with lidocaine for needle epilation in Berlin on the other hand, these side effects can be effectively controlled. You will appreciate the benefits of this method anyway on areas of hair that have proven difficult to treat with other methods. Some customers feel almost redeemed from a long-standing problem.

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Needle epilation
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Needle epilation in Berlin for stubborn hair

Individual hairs on the face in particular are extremely annoying for women – if they are light or white, they can only be safely removed with needle epilation. The constant shaving of the intimate area, often associated with a lot of time, stubble and inflammation, can be saved forever in this way. In the Berlin cosmetics studio for needle epilation, we advise you on the best options and solve your problem together.

Needle epilation in Berlin for man-to-woman transition

Getting rid of unwanted facial and body hair is an important issue in the transition from man to woman, and we at the Berlin beauty salon for needle epilation know how important it is. This is especially true since a long-term and thorough solution is crucial for personal well-being. In addition, hormonal hair growth is often extensive, stubborn and difficult to combat. Therefore, needle epilation in Berlin is particularly well suited to perfectly round off your appearance and achieve smooth skin.

By the way – needle epilation of beard growth is often covered by health insurance companies in cases of gender reassignment. Ask your carrier about this.

course of treatment

In the Berlin cosmetics studio for needle epilation, we first advise you in detail on the various methods and decide together which one is best for you. We will then explain the procedure and possible side effects to you – for example, slight skin irritation is conceivable the following day – and, if you wish, we will carry out a small test treatment to determine how you feel about the technique. The number of appointments that follow depends on the type, size and area of the areas you want to depilate. It is important to spread the needle epilation treatments in Berlin over a sufficiently long period of time in order to be able to remove all hair, including hair in the growth phase. Here the needle epilation is similar to the treatment with the laser. Since this applies to about 60 percent of the hair, a little patience is required – but the result is really worth it.

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