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Nail modeling & nailart

Natural nail strengthening and nail modeling

These days, ten lovely finger and toenails are a vital part of a well-groomed appearance. Because many women are afflicted with fragile finger nails, a nail strengthening and nail modeling trend has emerged.

This is an alternative to artificially lengthened nails that, on the one hand, look unnatural and, on the other hand, require strong chemicals for application. A strong smell of acetone in nail studios is a good indicator of the work methods and the materials used there. At Venus & Apoll we take an altogether different approach that guarantees a classy natural look without damaging your nails.

Quality first

At Venus & Apoll we set great store by the quality of materials used; they must meet our very stringent standards. In the area of nails, we therefore exclusively use products by LCN Wilde-Cosmetics at our studio.

Our experience has shown that LCN offers the very best performing light-curing resins. LCN nail products are specialized in looking natural, which is an additional benefit. As the company’s products are based on materials used in dental medicine, they are also very well tolerated.

From 65€

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Naturally strong

Strengthened fingernails can withstand daily stresses and strains whether on the job, in the household or through environmental influences. Strengthened fingernails cannot be distinguished from natural fingernails in either shape or color. Basically there are two available methods to strengthen nails:

Nail strengthening with gel

Gel is applied to strengthen the nail before it is modeled according to your wishes. Thereafter, you may choose to have a French manicure with white tips, for example.

Long, even fingernails

Women with short natural nails don’t have to forego long, natural-looking fingernails. Professional Nail overlays  will do the trick. Your nails are reinforced while unevenness, such as grooves or nail damage, is eliminated. In contrast to plastic nails, the results of our nail strengthening techniques cannot be differentiated from natural nails.

Prices - Nails

Natural nail strengthening and nail modeling
  • Natural nail strengthening 65,00 €
  • Natural nail strengthening french 75,00 €
  • Extension surcharge 20,00 €
  • Toenail modeling french 59,00 €

Nail Design

In addition to nail modelling, we also have a variety of nail polishes and of course shellac available in our nail studio for all kinds of occasions.

From elegant to extravagant

If you desire specially-decorated toe or fingernails for a wedding, or something eye-catching for a club or the beach, you will be in great hands at Venus & Apoll.

At Venus & Apoll, you will encounter over 25 years of experience in all matters concerning nails. Play it safe and leave your special occasion nail design to our professionals.

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