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Green Peel®
Herbal Peeling Treatment

Effective face and body solutions - for all skin types and ages.

Already beginning at age 30, the regeneration of skin cells – and the sloughing of old surface skin cells – slows down noticeably. This can leave you with a wan complexion and dry skin that makes you look older.

Green Peel® Herbal Peeling treatment rids the skin of debris and immediately activates the skin’s natural regeneration process.

Green Peel® Herbal Peeling is one of the world’s leading treatment methods in this skincare segment; it is effective for treatment goals ranging from pre-and anti-aging to remedying such conditions as impure, blemished skin, a loss of elasticity and sun damaged skin.

Do you occasionally feel a bit uncomfortable in your skin?

Green-Peel® Fresh Up Peeling – the “Date Tuner”

Green Peel® Fresh Up’s ‘Blue Line’ is ideal, for example, if you need a fresh and radiant complexion for a special event – and you want immediate results.

This treatment revitalizes the cells, optimally nourishes the skin with active ingredients and ensures that it is effectively hydrated. At the same time, Green Peel® Fresh Up treatment is the ideal preventive measure to combat premature aging of the skin and loss of skin elasticity.

Treatment duration ca. 90 min.

Green Peel® Energy – the Regenerations-Booster Peeling

If you want to sustainably activate your skin’s power of regeneration beyond just reversing grey, dull skin and getting a more radiant complexion, opt for Green Peel® Energy treatment. A visible improvement of the complexion is achieved through stimulation of the skin’s microcirculation and metabolism. Age-related skin changes, as well as scars and skin pigmentation disorders, are also alleviated with this treatment, which has a harmonizing, smoothing effect on the skin.

Treatment duration: 90 min.

Green Peel® Classic – Comprehensive Skin Renewal

The perfect choice for those who are looking for skin rejuvenation without harmful chemical treatments or plastic surgery. Green Peel® Classic is a pioneering herbal peeling treatment: It’s an effective solution for various skin conditions – facial and corporeal alike. This includes, for example, large pores and blemished skin (such as acne) or a tired, wan complexion resulting from devitalized, poorly-circulated skin. It is also effective in treating sun damaged skin and a loss of tissue elasticity throughout the body.

New, revitalized skin in 5 days

Green Peel® Classic treatment proceeds via 2 steps: As part of the first treatment phase, the top layers of skin are smoothed off with the help of the herbs’ micro-particles. This stimulates cell renewal and enhances the skin’s absorption capacity. In the following 5 – 7 days, the skin begins to peel. Subsequently, a second treatment is carried out in which the old skin is completely massaged off and a special cream is applied.

Speak to us! – With your input, we will ascertain the best treatment plan for your particular skin type.

Prices - Green Peel

Green Peel®
  • Fresh up 99,00 €
  • Enery 179,00 €
  • Classic incl. Home Care Set 295,00 €

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