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IPL acne treatment

IPL acne treatment

Our skin-friendly acne treatment with IPLAcne is one of the most common skin diseases worldwide. These obvious beauty features sometimes grow into serious mental problems for those affected. People all over the world have their acne treated professionally.
The causes are inflammation of the sebaceous glands, the manifestations of which can range from impure skin to inflamed knots with scarring.

In the meantime, the laser or IPL acne treatment has become an integral part of acne therapy because of the good treatment results.

This applies not only to juvenile acne in younger people, but also to the adult form of acne in mature skin. Many studies have shown a significant decrease in inflammatory papules and pustules and non-inflammatory acne lesions.

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Modern IPL technology

In IPL acne treatment, the pulsed light heats the hemoglobin in the fine blood vessels near the skin’s surface, reducing the abnormal overproduction of sebum that leads to acne. IPL is also used very successfully for the follow-up treatment of annoying acne scars.

IPL stands for “Intense Pulsed Light”. While lasers only work with a single wavelength, with IPL an entire wavelength spectrum is cut out from a high-energy broadband lamp using an upstream filter. This filtering adapts the treatment to the target structure to be treated and is therefore very effective.

IPL treatment

The treatment results of acne treatment with IPL are very good, even with very severe acne.

For a lasting and satisfactory result of the acne treatment, about 4 to a maximum of 6 treatments should take place, each of which should take place at a two-week interval. In the case of very severe acne, a weekly treatment can be carried out. The success of each session is visible within a few days. The result of the treatment lasts for a long time and does not lead to a relapse during the treatment period. Clinical studies show a mean improvement of 49% after 4 treatments with IPL. In the case of severe acne, it is even as high as 67%.

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pre and post treatment

Before and after acne treatment with IPL, exposure to UV rays should be avoided for a longer period of time.
It is best to speak to a dermatologist before having an acne treatment with IPL. He can advise you whether or not IPL treatment is advisable in your specific acne case.

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Acne treatment with IPL
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