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The desire for flawless, smooth skin, free of unwanted hair and stubble isn’t something that rises from the contemporary Zeitgeist. Countless art treasures that showcase our cultural heritage in museums all over the world prove that the vision of a smooth, hairless body was an ideal towards which we strove already during antiquity.

Just like today, where most women want silky smooth skin. And more and more men have also taken to the idea of being able to flaunt their well-defined muscles, as Hercules did, undisturbed by hair and stubble, to the caressing glances of admirers.

Oh no, not again..!

Women and men alike are well familiar with the problem of excess hair in the wrong places. The time-consuming, pesky business of liberating oneself of unwanted hair is something that has been passed down to us from ancient times. Frequent shaving or temporary depilation is unpleasant and takes a lot of our time. On top of this, it can lead to irritated skin, not to mention the costs involved over the course of decades when using conventional hair removal methods.

And wouldn’t it be nice to be spared the sight of re-growing hair? And to be spared the regular – and equally annoying – hair removal rituals that are so inconvenient? Imagine being able to link up with a date without having to conduct a “stubble check” beforehand?

IPL technology

IPL technology, which has been available to us for some 20 years now, lets us reach this ideal safely and with pinpoint accuracy. Nowadays, we can dispense with unpleasant rituals on our way to an attractive appearance and picture-perfect skin. Thanks to advancing technological developments, especially in terms of cooling technology, we can reach our goal comfortably as never before.

Competence Center for Epilation

V&A IPL Berlin wants to guide you on your way to silky smooth skin. Our long years of experience in the area of light-based hair removal systems and contemporary, certified IPL instruments make us an ideal partner for permanent hair removal. Highest safety standards and a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere are de rigueur at Venus & Apoll!

V&A IPL Berlin, the competence center for permanent hair removal by Venus & Apoll in Kreuzberg, can realize permanent hair removal for practically any part of the body. Just a few sessions will suffice to make regular shaving a thing of the past. After your treatment at IPL Berlin, your overall sense of well-being will be enhanced: You’ll have wonderfully smooth skin that you can embrace. And you will have this every morning without having to subject yourself to annoying hair removal rituals.

IPL – the solution for men

Many men are familiar with this problem. Even if one’s (head) hair has become sparse, bodily hair tends to increase with age. Depending on your hair and skin type, a man’s body may become increasingly susceptible to excessive hair growth. In extreme cases all the way to hypertrichosis (aka “werewolf syndrome”).

While even a generation ago a hairy chest was considered a nice macho accessory, these days excessive bodily hair no longer contributes to a positive aura. Excessive bodily hair can be reminiscent of animal fur and, when it grows in all directions, it can quickly look scruffy. Increasingly, bodily hair is perceived as bothersome and unattractive by those who have it.

Permanent hair removal has thus become an interesting option for men as well. Generally, the best way to go about it is via an IPL system. V&A IPL Berlin enables you to conveniently shed unwanted hair by means of this innovative technology.

IPL zonen

  • between the brows

  • upper lip

  • chin

  • neck

  • chest / stomach

  • shoulders / back

  • armpits

  • arms

  • legs

  • buttocks

  • bikini zone

  • pubic area

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IPL stands for “Intense Pulsed Light”. This innovative technology has, for the most part, replaced the laser as the golden standard in the area of permanent hair removal. In contrast to lasers, which work with a single wavelength, IPL technology employs the entire wavelength spectrum that is excised from an ultra-high energy broadband light source using a pre-installed special filter. This allows us to treat larger areas of skin in a shorter amount of time than would be possible with a laser where each hair must be dealt with individually. And because the energy level used is lower than a laser‘s, the skin becomes less irritated when treated with pulsed light. This is particularly beneficial when treating sensitive areas. The innovative IPL systems that we deploy at V&A IPL Berlin also offer countless opportunities to customize the setting parameters to individual requirements. Your skin will thank you!

Scientific Studies

The outstanding success of IPL systems in permanent hair removal was demonstrated by countless scientific studies in the past years, for exampleStudy 1 , Study 2

IPL’s operating principle

The IPL method makes it possible to remove a lot of hair at the same time by means of impulse light. IPL’s operating principle is the so-called “thermolysis”. Here the pulsed light is directed via the hair into the roots where it is absorbed the pigment melamine. The thermal reaction that is initiated causes the hair follicles to die off.

What differentiates IPL from a laser is that lasers deal with one hair at a time. On the one hand, this is very time-consuming. On the other hand, an unnecessary amount of energy acts upon the skin and this can easily lead to burns. Thanks to a larger instrument head, IPL systems allow concurrent irradiation of an entire section of skin. Depending on the location and properties of your hair, it will only take a few sessions to get the desired silky-soft skin.

Rejuvenation as a side-effect

By the way, as part of your IPL treatment you basically also get an anti-aging therapy at no extra cost. That’s because pulsed light triggers the production of collagen and elastine in skin cells. Treated areas of your skin will have a rejuvenated and significantly fresher look. Beyond this, the IPL procedure helps prevent wrinkles.

Those who suffer from acne on areas of skin to be treated with IPL will be delighted because this same mechanism also triggers the skin’s self-healing process. The way it works in clearing acne is similar to a sunbath.

Please also have a look at the information provided on the use of IPL for IPL acne treatment and IPL treatment for pigmented spot.

Information for tattoo wearers

More and more customers with tattoos also opt for permanent hair removal. Color under smooth, silky skin – a vision of modern femininity. Yes, you can have it both! However, the order is decisive. Your first stop should be a hair removal appointment at V&A IPL Berlin. Just four weeks after your last IPL treatment your skin will be ready for “further perfecting” at the tattoo studio.

Please also read the section on IPL treatment for tattooed skin on our tattoo removal page.

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