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Our Essentials

Care & Anti-aging


high-end cosmetics
skincare – anti-aging

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Hair Removal


Specialist studio for
temporary & permanent
hair removal

IPL – waxing – sugaring

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Permanent Make-up


Over 20 years of experience 
Elite-Top Partner Studio

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Beauty Classics


All the things that make you beautiful

eyelash extentions
nails & co.

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Over 5 years of experience
tattoo removal

laser safety officer

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Patrizia Moresco

actress / comedienne / caberet artist

“Venus & Apoll is my favorite oasis for a little time-out. I get pampered by every trick in the book. At Venus & Apoll I get professional guidance and treatments. The staff is competent and delightful and the studio is immaculate and modern. I have been a regular customer here for years and I couldn’t be happier. I would take the stars out of the sky for you.”

Nathalie Daoust


“It is the best place to go for facial in town! The owner is amazing and takes really good care of her costumers. Each time i go I get great advice and my skin looks so much better since I go there.”

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An Overview of Our Essentials

Conture®Make-up in a Elite-Top Partner-Studio 

For over 20 years now, we have been a licensed partner of Long-Time-Liner® and a member of the “Elite Linergists” team. The long and very comprehensive training, the excellent quality of the colors and the technical instruments used differentiate Long-Time-Liner’s Conture Make-up from conventional permanent make-up.

Over the past years, we have delighted very many customers with Conture Make-up and we are convinced that our work will win you over as well. Take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with this special form of permanent make-up. You will quickly realize that you can expect nothing less than top-quality treatment at Venus & Apoll.

Moreover, the Long-Time-Liner method offers diverse application possibilities in the medical sector too. It can benefit individuals with scarring, for example, or be used to touch-up bald patches on the head or in a beard.

Long-Time-Liner Conture Make Up
medical pigmentation

Care & Anti-aging

Classic cosmetics and medi-cosmetics

At Venus & Apoll, we are deeply convinced that there is an internal connection between cosmetics and health. That’s why we put a major focus on care cosmetics, which is what gives the fleeting expression of beauty intrinsic structure and duration. And it’s also the reason why we work exclusively with premium brands such asand  , a manufacturer of premium natural cosmetics.

External appearance is our “calling card” – it’s an expression of our internal self. And, whether internal or external, first and foremost we simply want to feel “normal”. Let Venus & Apoll take you by the hand on your way to this goal. Put your trust in our competent guidance if you feel like it’s time for a gentle upgrade or a makeover. Jointly, we are sure to find the ideal solution for your particular vision.

Temporary or permanent hair removal by our specialists

Silky soft skin that doesn’t just look great but also delights the touch when your fingers glide across it; this has become a standard over the past two decades. Nowadays, hairy legs and stubble are an absolute no-go.

Venus & Apoll recognized this trend early on. That’s why we are specialized in all the contemporary depilation methods.

Depending on your needs, the hair can be removed temporarily – by means of waxing and sugaring – or permanently.

In this case, we draw on our over 8 years of experience with IPL technology, a method that we master with utmost precision and gentleness. We can help you get the results you’re looking for in just a few sessions.

IPL epilation
Waxing & sugaring

The alluring effect of a tattoo is owing not least to the fact that its wearer stands for an authentic decision: A decision that becomes an irreversible biographical fact. Nevertheless, for various reasons, some individuals would prefer to rescind their decision and now, thanks to laser technology, this is possible.

This type of treatment requires a high degree of professionalism and skilled craftsmanship. As certified laser safety officers, we dispose of over five years of experience in tattoo removal with YAG laser systems. Furthermore, in an on-going basis we liaise with dermatologists to stay abreast of latest developments. This guarantees medically responsible and aesthetically pleasing treatment results.

Rest assured that you will be in very good hands at Apoll & Venus should you have have “outgrown” your tattoo.

To the treatment

From nails to eyelash extensions and back …

Naturally Venus & Apoll offers the whole range of decorative cosmetics in superior quality. Whether you’re looking for individual eyelash extensions, natural nail strengthening and artificial nails, or even nail art, you’ll find that our decorative cosmetics standard is informed by our overall business principle: We are always on the look-out for the very best. We choose the best suppliers and work with the best partners and our staff is trained at the hands of the very best.

If you want to upgrade your appearance or reinvent your look – whatever the occasion – we will ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Lashes extensions
Tinting lashes and eyebrows
Nail modeling and nail art

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